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Information last Updated September 2013

This site was originally made to fit with my classes in Norwegian (see the link under language resources below).
Creating a new site with material you can find in a book seemed more time consuming than what benefits it adds.
I have, however, started a new site where a complete layout for A1 will be developed - Norwegian Course.
This site - learnnorwegian.org - will then be developed as a podcast site at an intermediate level.

General information about Norwegian: In comparison to German the Norwegian language has some similar looking words but it is quite different with much easier grammar. Norwegian grammar is also even easier than English which is not known to be the most difficult. Moreover, when you are a basic learner it is usually OK to translate to your native tongue in the beginning before you get a feel for the new language. If your native language is English, this generally does not cause a lot of problems. Norwegian is therefore a not too difficult language to learn.

Online Norwegian Language resources:
Learn Norwegian - Online tutorial giving some introduction lessons.
Norwegian 101 - The basic in the Norwegian language. This is an introduction site for many languages.
Norwegian Language info - Information site about various aspects of the Norwegian language
Eurotalk - A resource for learning various languages

If you are motivated to Learn Norwegian I highly reccommend that you use a tutor.
Click on that link for more information about may classes.

Norwegian newspapers
Norway's largest newspaper - VG is the largest newspaper in Norway and to be considered a tabloid newspaper
Learn Norwegian with Klar Tale - News source perfectly fit for foreigners learning Norwegian as they try to keep it in a not too complex language

Norwegian Vocabulary - Basic vocabulary for the beginning learner.
Norwegian Grammar - Mostly basic grammar.
False Friends - Tricky words that look similar to English word, but have a completely different meaning.

Articles related to the Norwegian language:
How to learn Norwegian (Basic overview article)
Norwegian Language (Article giving the basics about the Norwegian language)

Do you need to know Norwegian to live in Norway?
If your English is at an intermediary level, you will get around almost perfectly in Norway. Most Norwegians know English quite well.
Naturally it depends on which Norwegian group will have contact with. If you are in groups of college students they will feel comfortable with speaking English. For most Norwegians they you will have good English, albeit with an accent, but might not feel comfortable speaking English as they generally don't have much training in doing so.
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