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False Friends

Some words, false friends, looks very similar to words in English but they are tricky as their meanings are completely different.
I have here only put very common words in Norwegian.

En And = A duck (the English And=og)
Et Anger (In verb form - å angre) = A regret, A remorse (the English Anger=et sinne)
En Art = A specie (The English Art=kunst)
At = That (e.g. It is true that he is slow - Det er sandt at han er treg)
Et Bad / Past tense of å be= A bathroom / Asked, prayed
Bare = only
Et Barn = Child, children
Å be = To ask, to pray
En billion = A trillion. You can say trillion in Norwegian, but if you mean billion you should say "En milliard".
En blink = A Target. The neutral Norwegian noun "Et blink" means the same as "A blink". The Norwegian word of "To blink" is "å blinke"
Bra = Good
En bulk = A dent
En by = A city
En disk = A counter (can also mean - A disk)
Et do = A toilet
Dog = However
En dress = Male suit
En drift = An operation (operation of a factory)
Eleven = the student
Effektiv = Efficient
Et fag = A subject
Fast = Firm
En far = A father
Fart = speed (farten = the speed)
Et fat = A dish
Fire = four
Et fly = An airplane
Fort = quickly
Gift = married
En gift = a poison
God = good
Et gods (singular) = goods
Å grave = To dig
Hat = hatred
Hell = good luck
Hit = here
En is = An ice cream
Island = Iceland
En karakter = A grade (like in grad A etc.; You may find it in the same use as "Character". However, this is not as common as in English.)
En last = A burden
å late / late = To fake (v) / Lazy (adj.)
å lime = to glue
å love = to promise
å male = to paint
å mate = to feed
men = but
Et offer = A victim
å rape = to burp
rare = strange (pl.)
å rope = to shout
sent = late
Et spill = a game
still = place (from å stille)
stolen = the chair
store = large (pl.)
Et tall = a number
Et tap = a loss
å tape = to lose
å taste = to keyboard
En telling = a count
På tide = at high time
En time = an hour
To = two
Travel = busy

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